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Five Reasons you Should be Using a Password Security System

Updated: Jan 16

Using a password security system may seem like an unnecessary step in protecting yourself online, but it may just be the most underrated tool you can use to enhance your overall cyber security. While Caliber Networks does provide 24/7 IT support, data loss protection, and email security services to all of our clients, it’s always a good idea to take extra preventative measures to secure your sensitive personal information on the web. Here are the top five ways that implementing a password security system can protect you online.

#1 - Avoiding the Same Password

One of the easiest and most common ways that hackers gain access to your accounts and steal your personal information is by cracking one password that someone has used across multiple platforms. Once they are able to gain access to one of your accounts, if the same password is used on many websites, criminals can quickly gain access to your address, bank information, credit card details, order history, email correspondence and more. This makes identity theft, running up credit card debt, and other illegal activities faster and easier, putting the consumer more at risk than ever. A password security system can help you organize and remember a myriad of different passwords for any number of websites you regularly access, providing variety, and with it, online account safety and peace of mind.

#2 - Enhanced Organization

Many password protection programs offer more than just the ability to store passwords for your online accounts. Frequently other features include the ability to securely store other sensitive personal information like bank account numbers, medical record numbers, addresses, and more. The system allows you to store all of this important data in a central, well-protected location. By pairing these organizational features with our specialized small business IT support, local businesses can enjoy smoother running operations and get the support they need when they need it.

#3 - Stronger Passwords

Password Security Systems create complex passwords for you so you don’t have to come up with your own. They use a series of random letters, numbers, and symbols to generate unique passwords that easily meet security requirements of nearly all websites. Not only that, but they are very difficult to crack. They also store these passwords for your immediate use since the random nature of them would be difficult to remember.

#4 - Automatic Encryption

One of the added benefits of investing in a high quality password security system is the automatic encryption used to store your passwords. Encryption has proven extremely successful in preventing crime since it makes the passwords very difficult for hackers to crack.

#5 - Master Password

Using a password security system reduces the number of passwords you need to remember to just ONE! If you remember your password for the system itself, you can easily access all of the passwords stored inside the system for each one of your accounts.

Give us a Call!

The IT support specialists at Caliber Networks offer exemplary service and cutting-edge expertise in all things related to IT cyber security. We can assist with disaster recovery, SIEM, cloud backup and many other consumer needs. Our prices are comparable to corporate companies like Geeksquad, but we strive to maintain a company with a small business, personalized feel, and we try to create a supportive and comfortable environment for our clients.

If you’re looking for IT services in Sacramento or the surrounding areas or need guidance choosing between password security systems, our IT support specialists can talk with you to recommend the specific types of IT services that would most benefit your company. At Caliber Networks, we offer each and every client exceptional support and the knowledge and tools to help keep people safe online. Contact us today at (877) 882-2542 to see how we can help you!

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