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Four Great Holiday Gifts for the Tech-Savvy on Your List

Updated: Jan 16

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for your text savvy friend or family member, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything out there. At Caliber Networks, we want to narrow down some of the best, most practical tech gifts for the holidays.

#1 A Portable Monitor

Many people are working from home these days or have jobs that allow at least part-time remote work. Because of this new flexibility, it is likely that you will be able to spend more time working not only from home, but from coffee shops, vacation spots, or from other remote locations. While laptops are extremely versatile, sometimes it would be helpful to have a bigger screen, especially when dealing with projects that require double screens or special attention to detail. Choosing the gift of a portable monitor is an excellent idea for anyone who loves their big screen and would prefer to take it with them no matter where they choose to work.

#2 Portable Outlet

Another ingenious yet often overlooked gift for your tech-savvy friends is a portable car charging outlet. We’re not talking about a portable battery here, but rather an actual standard set of outlets that plug into a vehicle to charge laptops, tablets, phones, or anything that would regularly plug into your standard home or office outlet. This is an incredible gift for people who travel in their cars a lot for work as it allows quick charging at any time, anywhere. No need to find a coffee shop or make sure you have multiple external batteries ready and powered up; as long as you have your car, you’re good to go!

#3 Wi-Fi Extenders

Many people who enjoy spending time outdoors often find they are more productive when they can work in an outdoor setting. Whether this is from their back porch or deck at home, or in a communal outdoor space within a business park, one of the problems people often run into is that their Wi-Fi coverage does not reach to those locations. One work around that people can use if they have the capability is turning their phone into a portable hotspot. However, depending on their service provider and plan, they may or may not have this ability and it may cost extra money. One way to help your outdoorsy employees feel their best and be their most productive selves is to set up an outdoor workspace with outdoor Wi-Fi extenders. These are small devices that plug into outlets outside and are made to be weatherproof in order to withstand the elements. They have tiny antennae on them that can extend the home or office Wi-Fi anywhere from around 20 to 100 feet.

This means that for a very reasonable price, you can increase the productivity of your employees and increase the overall work satisfaction for your team. This is also a great gift to give retired friends or family members who use their technology devices more for pleasure than for work. A Wi-Fi extender can be an easy way to allow for digital streaming, game playing, texting, and video editing right from the backyard or any outdoor space.

#4 A Smart Watch

Over the years smart watches have become so much more than just extensions of one’s cell phone. Today the best smart watches not only allow you to do work on your watch, but show you previews of texts and emails, track your vitals and fitness goals throughout the day, and have virtual assistants like Siri built into them to streamline productivity and help people make the most of their time.

Smart watches can be used for work, play, and even things such as taking a photo with your phone. A very thoughtful gift would be a smart watch with a tripod for taking digital selfies from afar. Your recipient can simply simply set up their phone on the tripod, and then back away where they would like to stand for the photo. Their smartwatch will show them a mirror image of their phone screen on their wrist and they can arrange the photo exactly the way they want it. Once everyone is properly in the frame, they can use their watch to snap the photo. Smart watches also have the ability to connect to wireless printers, so if someone is in another room and wants to print a document directly from their watch, they can simply send a message to the printer and it will be printed before they can walk to the next room.

At Caliber networks, we take pleasure in helping our clients stay up-to-date on the latest technology, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your home or office technological needs. We are experienced at setting up everything from intricate networking systems in large corporations to troubleshooting every day tech issues that arise in small office settings.

Simply give us a call to see how we can help you make your home or office more functional, enhance your cyber security, and maximize productivity. Give us a call now at (877) 882-2542 to see all the ways we can help you!

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