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The Five Surprising Benefits of Having an On-Site IT Engineer

Updated: Jan 16

While more and more companies have moved to remote IT support for obvious reasons during the pandemic, as things get back to normal, hiring an on-site IT engineer may just be one of the smartest things you can do to ensure the success of your business.

Remote IT support refers to an engineer who is not actually on your premises; this can lead to long turn-around times, communication breakdown, and a lack of connection to your company from a human who may be in another city, state, or even on the other side of the world. On-site IT engineers are those who are hired to be on the premises either full-time or part-time to offer consistent, reliable support to you and your employees.

There are a myriad of benefits of an on-site technology engineer, but today we will focus on the five most obvious advantages.

Face to Face Communication

As everyone knows, forming relationships with your employees and independent contractors is key for collaboration and morale in the workplace. On-site engineers quickly become part of your company family and are there in-person to solve problems. They typically develop a dedication that one doesn’t typically find with strangers answering IT questions from halfway around the world over the phone. On-site engineers know the ins and outs of your company and are more invested in helping you to succeed as their professional success is tied directly to that of your business.

Quicker Fixes

With one or more on-site IT support specialists it is much easier to get real-time support because the expert is right in your office and ready to tackle any problems that arise. Gone are the days of long wait times and getting a different person each time you call. Because the engineer can actually see the problem, there is also no need to try to explain things over the phone, send screen shots, or dive into technical explanations they don’t really understand to try to explain what’s wrong. The engineer is present in your office and can use his or her expertise to resolve the problem much more quickly. This leads to higher employee satisfaction, less frustrations, and higher productivity in the workplace.

Opportunities for Staff Learning

With an engineer physically sitting at your desk solving issues on your computer, there is enhanced opportunity for you (and your employees) to learn something useful! For more simple fixes, the engineer can teach your employees what to do so that they can resolve some problems themselves in the future. This saves time and simultaneously develops self-reliance and problem solving skills in your workers who can then help each other more and more as they learn. For more complex fixes, the engineer is always on hand to take care of things beyond the skill level of the staff. This in-person expertise is essential to keep the workplace functioning without losing precious time or work capacity as employees can continue to do offline-related work while the engineer takes care of the issue.

Collaboration is Convenient

It’s often easier to solve problems with more than one mind working on them, and collaboration between IT engineers and employees means more creative thinking, inventive problem solving, and development of positive working relationships. While some collaboration can be done over the phone with things like software or internet issues, hardware must be repaired in person. The convenience of having your IT engineer in-house to diagnose and repair or replace physical hardware is vital to keep your technology, and your business running smoothly.

Asking for Help Becomes Second-Nature

People are much more likely to ask for help when they can talk in-person to an expert to explain the issue. The dread of long and frustrating phone conversations to try to solve simple problems often discourages people from even asking which can reduce productivity or cause further problems as employees attempt to fix things they do not have a full understanding of. On the other hand, if they can simply walk into the next room to ask the IT specialist the question, more issues get reported, problems are resolved right away, and workflow is less interrupted.

Why Choose Caliber Networks

If you’re looking for exemplary IT support, Caliber Networks will exceed your expectations. We provide everything from IT cyber security (including email security services such as email encryption) and SIEM, to cloud backup, disaster recovery, and all of the critical services bigger companies like Geeksquad offer, but with the personal touch of a locally-based business.

Contact one of our specialists to describe the specific needs of your business, and we will recommend the specific types of IT services that would most benefit your company. Not all businesses are the same in regards to the level of technology support they need, but all businesses deserve the exceptional 24/7 IT support only Caliber Networks can provide. Contact us today at (877) 882-2542.

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