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Aging Technology’s Hidden Costs

While it might seem economical for individuals and companies to keep their computers until they finally break down, waiting until they die actually has a great deal of hidden costs. At Caliber Networks IT Support and Security Systems we recommend replacing your laptops and desktop computers when they start to slow down, rather than waiting until they go up in smoke! Updating them before they meet their natural demise will undoubtedly save you time, money, loss of productivity, and headache.

Why Replace Your Older Computers?

  1. As computers age, their manufacturers' warranties will expire. If your computer is no longer covered and an issue arises, it will often be extremely costly and take quite a bit longer to get it fixed. Depending on the age of the machine, you might discover it is difficult to find a repair person who can fix it, and it might not even be worth the time and money it would take to salvage it.

  2. Loss of productivity is common with older machines as they are, by nature, slower. They will not have as quick of a processor as new devices. They might also have difficulty connecting to Wifi, printing wirelessly, or completing the simple functions that newer machines would find simple. Additionally, if the computer fails and has to be repaired or replaced in the middle of the work week, this leads to unproductive downtime for your employees as they are stuck waiting.

  3. Increased security risks arise on older devices both at the hardware and software level, and you may be more prone to getting hacked.

  4. Oftentimes older computers are not compatible with newer software, downloads, and technological accessories. The lack of compatibility can wreak havoc in the office when devices are failing to communicate with each other or download updated versions of software.

  5. The older the computer, the slower it runs, and this leads to wasted time, frustration, and inefficiencies in the office. Depending how long tasks take, slower technology can also cause your business to lose its competitive edge because it takes you longer to respond to clients and complete projects.

  6. Proactively updating your technology, especially computer systems, will increase productivity, reduce stress, and save you the time and money that come with costly repairs.

We Can Help!

At Caliber Networks, our professional IT support technicians are knowledgeable about cutting edge technology and can help you to choose the right laptops or desktop computers for your company when it’s time for an upgrade. We can work within your budget to help you select the most appropriate technology for your home or business and can assist you with both installation and recycling your old machines. We can also answer questions about compatibility, connect wireless printers and wifi routers to your new devices, and troubleshoot any technology issues that arise. We also offer other services such as setting up entire office systems networks, training your employees in best practices for cyber security, and providing regular day to day technical support either in-office or remotely.

We are proud to offer exemplary IT services to individuals and businesses in the Sacramento Area and are eager to help you update your technology to save your company both money and time. Call us today at (877) 882-2542 to discuss how we can guide you to increased efficiency and savings at your workplace!

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