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Improve Productivity with The Internet of Things

Updated: Jan 16

“The Internet of Things” is a term you may have heard tossed around but never thought much about. What exactly is the Internet of Things? How is it different from the Internet itself? More importantly, how can The Internet of Things help you in your professional life?

When people refer to the Internet of Things, they are usually talking about a network of individual devices with sensors or wifi capabilities that are individually connected to the Internet to enhance their features and capabilities… smart devices if you will. These can include anything from a smart thermostat that allows you to change the temperature in your home while out of town, to a smart fridge that orders groceries for you, or even a watch that reminds you of your fitness goals and when it’s time to power down your brain for bed.

So, how exactly can the Internet of Things benefit your business? Higher efficiency, more automation, and employee incentives are all ways that the Internet of things can enhance the atmosphere, productivity, and general morale at your office.

Enhance Productivity

If you think about the network connecting the different pieces of technology in your office, you might realize that you lose a lot of time trying to fix problems with outdated technology. With the Internet of Things, many devices could be put online that are currently hardwired into the building which means more of your office space would have wireless connectivity and fewer problems.

With newer, bug-free, up-to-date smart devices, you would also be saving money because each individual employee would not necessarily have to possess individual devices in his or her office. For example, your office could have a locally placed wireless printer in a common area that multiple employees’ devices could be connected to. Because the printer is a smart device connected as part of the “Internet of Things,” it does not have to physically plug into each computer that is using it for printing capabilities. Ten different devices might be hooked up to the same wireless printer in various areas of the building. This not only saves money on the initial purchase of a printer for each individual employee, but also saves money on repairs for dozens of printers! If and when this one community smart printer breaks down, there is only one to repair rather than many.

Things like Wi-Fi extenders for office buildings, smart watches to remind employees of meetings and deadlines, smart medical devices for hospitals, and climate control features like smart thermostats can help you keep your employees on track, add additional safety measures, control the energy usage in your building, and save money for your company.

Increase Morale and Motivation

Offering incentives that are part of the Internet of Things is often highly motivating for employees. You can encourage them to complete special projects by certain deadlines, meet company or individual goals, or improve in specific problem areas by rewarding them with these types of gadgets.

Devices that belong to the Internet of Things such as fitness bands, bluetooth speakers, e-reader devices, or any other of the myriad of inventive gadgets that can make life easier and more enjoyable, seem to be universally appreciated by employees of varying ages, genders, and interests. By taking an interest in making their lives simpler, more organized, and more fun with the use of smart devices, employees will feel appreciated and are, in turn, typically willing to work harder for their bosses and be more positive, collaborative teammates.

If you have any questions about increasing productivity or morale at your place of work, purchasing new technology, updating your software, hardware, or internet security, or implementing more IT managed services, give us a call at Caliber Networks at (877) 882-2542. Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between your business vision and technology, and we are always looking to offer more inventive products and services to help you, your employees, and your company be more successful!

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