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The Hidden Benefits of Portable Monitors

Updated: Jan 16

Perhaps one of the most underrated and at least talked about tools for increasing productivity in the workplace is the portable monitor. While many people have a split screen in their office or even at their home computer desk, most people don’t realize there are such things as stand alone portable monitors.

Similar to using two screens at once for dual-purpose work or to see things on a larger scale, these monitors can work with both desktop and laptop computers. Also like laptops, they fold down easily so they can be effortlessly taken with you to the office, the coffee shop, the classroom, or even the comfort of your own couch.

Portable monitors come in a variety of sizes and allow their user to utilize a dual screen no matter where they are working. Because they are so slim and compact, they are great for graphic designers, architects, editors, artists, and anyone else who likes to see their work conveniently on a large screen.

These monitors are also fantastic for people who love the dual-screen functionality but spend a lot of time working from home or in public spaces. Similar to a tablet or laptop, they can be charged for wireless use on airplanes, trains, or even in the great outdoors.

Another benefit is that they don’t require an outlet, so if your power should go out or you are somewhere without an electrical outlet you can still use your portable screen to connect with your laptop (or with some models even your tablet or smartphone)! This can increase your productivity while simultaneously adding convenience to your life.

With the ability to get work done on two screens from virtually any location, you may even be able to increase your efficiency to the point of achieving a better work/life balance.

Besides being used for work tasks, portable screens can be excellent for other purposes too. Students can take their screen with them to a friend's house to complete homework for instance, and then they can use it as a screen for gaming once homework is done!

You can screencast your phone or tablet to the portable monitor as well which makes it useful for entertaining the kids or teenagers on long car trips with movies or videos from your phone. Another perk of screencasting is the ability to display data sets or graphics for your employees or coworkers to view right from your phone or table during a meeting.

Another great feature of portable screens is their average price. They are relatively inexpensive for how much utility they offer. You can get a great portable screen for under $300 which is a small price to pay for such convenience. If you are a business owner, portable screens would be thoughtful gifts for your employees to make their lives easier and allow them to complete work from a variety of locations. This flexibility is helpful for them, and you will likely get more productivity out of them which will be beneficial to you as well.

At Caliber Network Solutions we can help set up portable screens and connect them to your employees’ desktop or laptop computers, tablets, or cell phones. We can also demonstrate the variety of ways they can be used and are happy to help troubleshoot any issues you may encounter, though they are very straightforward and simple for even your least tech savvy employees to master.

If you are looking for other ways to increase productivity in yourself or your employees, we can also offer a variety of technological services to improve the speed of your network and the functionality of both your software and hardware.

At Caliber Networks we serve the Greater Sacramento Area and surrounding foothills and love helping people fix problems in real time so that they can get back to the work that matters to them.

Give us a call at (877) 882-2542 to learn more about the services our company offers or to schedule a technology tune-up. We are happy to come to your business in person to evaluate the functionality of your hardware, help you establish proper security in your network and online, and to troubleshoot problems with your staff members at any time so that their time can be used in the most efficient way possible.

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